Weil McLain Ultra Boilers

Ultra BoilerUltra Boiler / Ultra Water Heater Wall Mounted Boiler
92% Efficient
Aluminum Heat Exchanger
Stainless Steel Burner
Electronic Display
5 Year Parts and Labor
15 Year Heat Exchanger
80K-310K BTU's
20-100% Modulation
Boiler CutawayAluminum Heat Exchanger
Weil McLain Ultra Boilers have a 4 digit electronic display with 2 levels of information. The user level is used to turn space or "DHW" heating on or off; set space heating temperature and boiler circulator operation; and also displays troubleshooting codes. The contractor level is accessed through a special code. This access can customize each boiler for each job application.

Each boiler can be matched with a Ultra 40, 60, or 80 hot water heater. Ultra hot water heaters take advantage of the high efficiency boiler providing quicker response time and recovery. Ultra boilers are extremely lightweight and easy to install. Standard PVC pipe is used for venting.

Burnham Revolution II Boiler

Burnham's Revolution II is the most efficient boiler they make. With an annual AFUE of 90% and exceeds energy star certification. The unit has a cast iron heat exchanger and a secondary recovery unit driving its high efficiency rating. Return water is reheated by combustion gases which have previously passed through the stainless steel secondary recovery unit. Fits both condensing and non-condensing systems. Boiler may be coupled with a Burnham water heater for complete use of the boiler system. All Burnham products are made in the USA.

Wirsbo Products

Advanced Hydronics uses genuine Wirsbo products for installation of radiant hydronic systems. Besides the boiler and hot water heater, the remainder of your hydronic system will be manufactured by Wirsbo. Wirsbo is the leader in radiant floor system components. Supplying PEX tubing with over a 100 year lifetime. Using Wirsbo's design suite Advanced Hydronics is able to provide your existing or new construction project with accurate heat loss calculations and supply estimates.