Radiant floor heating is an extremely efficient heat-distribution system that takes advantage of your whole floor to heat your home, as apposed to forced air coming from a small vent trying to heat a large room.

HOW IT WORKS This innovation in home heating provides warmth for your house from underneath the floors. It's an effective method of heating that works differently from conventional forced air systems. Heated water is pumped through PEX tubing in the floor. The heated water in the tubing radiants heat throughout your home. It is the most effective and efficient way to heat your residence.

INCREASING POPULARITY Thanks to flexible PEX tubing residential hydronic heat is becoming more popular. PEX is a polyurethane tubing that has a lifespan of more than 100 years. Comfort and efficiency are two of the main reasons for choosing a radiant floor system. Radiant heat provides warm feet and a cool head and just-right in between. Hydronic heat leaves your home without air vents and radiators spread throughout your home. Making for a no obstacle interior design.

HARDWOOD & TILE FLOORS You can now have hardwood and tile floors throughout your house without the worry of getting cold feet. With a radiant floor you will be able to go barefoot in your home even in the dead of winter.

SPECIALIZED CONTRACTOR For this type of energy efficient comfort you will need to hire a certified contractor to install the boiler system, controls and PEX tubing. For more information contact us at sales@advanced-hydronics.com or call 715-546-4199